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If you have any questions that you would like me to answer just e-mail me and I will try to answer you. I may add your question to my site here if I get numerous questions on the same subject.


Can I sell the finished product I make from your patterns at Craft Shows? TOP

Yes, by all means!  Feel free to make as many finished products as you can! 

Can I sell the finished products on my own website? and on E-Bay? TOP

And again YES!!!  Feel free to sell anything you make from my pattern designs anywhere you want!

Do I have to give you credit as the designer? TOP

NO, you don't have to.  It would be nice and I would certainly apprieciate that, but no you don't have to.  Some designers insist that you give them credit and put their name on your finished product.  I feel although it is my design, it is your hands that actually make it and you deserve the credit.  

Do you sell your finished products? TOP

I only sell the finished products at the few craft shows I do per year.  I just don't have enough hands and enough time to be selling them online or on e-bay!  Which is great news for those of you who do buy my patterns.  I insist you sell them on E-bay! 

What does your copyright mean? TOP
It means that you can't make copies of (except for your own personal use), and re-sell my patterns or take my designs and make a few changes and sell it as your own.  You certainly can't be sharing the e-patterns either.  And as stated on my patterns, you can't MASS produce them.  And this is for those who take my designs to China and have them MASS produced and bring them back here to America and sell them at Wholesale shows!  As long as you hand make the finished items yourself, you can sell them anywhere......just don't go to China with my designs!!!  I've seen them and shame on you!  What goes around comes around and you should be ashamed! 

Do you do the crafts full time? Or do you have another job? TOP
Yes, I do this full time!!  I am very busy at certain times of the year and  I probably work over 60 hours per week at times.   I love creating and designing patterns although it's getting pretty tough coming up with the next great idea!  

Why don't you sell your finished items online? TOP
I get asked all the time for my finished items.  I WISH I had the time to sell on Ebay or sell my finished items on my site.  But I am having a hard time keeping up with pattern orders and trying to create new patterns and making my designs for my shows.  I need to have enough stock for my shows which some are 3 days long!  And I pay big bucks for the spaces!  But if I do have anything left after my shows I will either sell them on my site or Ebay.  So, be sure to add your email address to my mailing list so you will be notified of any sales!

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