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January 2015:

I have had several requests for some of the images I used on items seen in my last craft show.  I have made some available on my images/tags page for you.  I don't have any new patterns in the works right at this moment since I have a Spring craft show coming up the beginning of March.  If any ideas come to me I will surely whip up a pattern for it. 

I have also had several requests for how much smaller the pattern piece was for the Marshmallow snowman I made.  Just e-mail me at and ask me for it, I have it available as a pdf for free for you. Please note I am just sending the pattern piece and no directions.  You can follow some of the basic directions in #842 Feed the birds.


OK, I haven't done a newsletter in awhile.  Keeping up with pattern orders and trying to design and trying to build up my inventory is keeping me very busy. 

I hope you get a chance to view the items I will have for sale at my Thanksgiving weekend show on my Facebook page.  Please note that I don't have patterns for everything.  If I used a pattern I will give the pattern # or I will tell you how I changed a pattern.  The item #'s you see are for my inventory list and does not necessarily indicate a pattern #.

PLEASE feel free to use any of my ideas in your own creating of snowmen.  I love to share my ideas and I love to see how you all benefit from my designs.

I hope to post more before and after pictures on Facebook of the show sometime early December.

May 2012 Newsletter:
How do I get such perfectly cut round circles cut for my snowmen hats?
Note:  Special coupon code below
that can be used on the black circles only!!!

I'm still trying to get some new things designed but thought I would share a wonderful idea that will save you time. 
I buy these "already" perfectly cut out circles from  a wonderful lady Deb.  With the hundreds of little black felt hats I make for all the small snowmen, these are such a time saver. 
I use the 1-1/4" size regular black kunin felt, but she also cuts these in Wool Felt.
These work great for all the little snowmen that have the rolled top hats and cut out circle brims.
When I make a big batch of ornies using the circle brims I grab my bag of already cut circles, and I don't have to fuss with cutting them myself!
You can find her on Etsy.
Go to:
email Deb at:
(***Please read note below!)
I just grab my bag of already cut circles every time I work on the small snowmen hats.
She also cuts other sizes and shapes and colors!
Believe me, these are great and such a time saver!
***If you want more quantity than what is listed in Deb's etsy then PLEASE ask her for a special listing with exactly what you want OR you will end up paying too much for shipping by checking out multiple times!
*** Use coupon code "countryfriends" to receive a 20% discount off 50 black circles only!  (note:  there is a $10 minimum on orders)
Go to:

APRIL Newsletter
OK, ití April and I havenít been able to create any ďSpringĒ designs L


So, maybe I will try on the summer and Halloween.  Sometimes itís really difficult to think up something totally different from everyone else. 


I am stuck in a rut and canít get out!!  So in the meantime I am building my inventory for my Fall craft show. 


If anyone has any great ideas on what they would like to see for a NEW design please let me know. 
More snowmen?
Just e-mail me at and suggest anything that you think would be popular at this years shows. 

December Newsletter
This melting snowman is one of Jaime's patterns called Melt Away Max (go to, except for a few changes that I made.  I added a little "I'll be back someday" sign too.  If you want directions for the changes I made along with the pdf for the little sign, e-mail me and ask for "MeltingSnow" in the subject line!  I made 150 of them and sold them all for $5.00 each.
I had the BEST show ever for sales this year!
Chauncy (pictured below) was a great seller sitting on the candle ring with lights, everything sitting on the springs sold well, anything with lights. 
I have more pictures on my facebook page if you want to check them out. 
After I clean up my sewing room, I'm going to get started on some new patterns!  I've got alot of cleaning to do as all crafter's will understand since I've been putting this off for months. 
October Newletter
This is a much bigger version of pattern #858 Frost on the Punkin. It sits on a 12" grapevine wreath with Spanish Moss and a string of 20 lights and some rusty stars. There are 2 Black birds (I purchased years ago somewhere????) and a large Thanksgiving Tag. Price $32.00 (This thing used up ALOT of stuffing!) I cut the fabric approx. 15" x 36" in case you want to try this.
OCTOBER FREEBIE: For the large size Thanksgiving Tag, just email me at cindy@country-friends.netand ask for "October Freebie" in the subject line. Available only as a pdf file.
I've been busy and not keeping up with my Newsletter page....sorry for that. If you go to my Facebook page you can see some of the things I've been working on.
I wanted to get my new "Lucky New Year Snowman" ornie pattern out so you have time to make some before your next craft show. People will love the vintage images of Pigs, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, that will bring Good Luck and prosperity in the New Year! These make simple and quick gift ideas for teachers too.
July Newsletter
JULY FREEBIE: If you want the PDF file for the top hat used in my Chauncy with the lights, just e-mail me at and ask for JULY FREEBIE in the subject line. It won't include the directions, just the pattern piece, but very simple to figure out! (Only available as a PDF file now).
My first show of the year turned out better than expected!
I did not expect much since this show has steadily gone down hill over the years, and attendance dropped. I just wanted to see what would sell so I know what to make for my big 3 day show in November! Check out my pictures on my "Show Dates" page. And for more up to date pictures you can join me on my facebook page (click on link on my home page). I hope to post more pictures and share information more often.
And we did have one nice day last week here in New England and here you can see I have almost 100 #790 Prim heads drying outside and 100 larger #854 Chauncy heads made of chenille fabric drying after coffee staining!
I went through 12 FIVE pound boxes of Polyfil in just a few days. Tip: I go to WalMart and have them order me 10 or 15 boxes at a time. I can fit 20 boxes in my small SUV, so I'll be ordering more soon.
**I just found out my WalMart will not be selling these 5lb boxes anymore and are now selling a 50oz bag of the Fairfield brand. More expensive, and now I can't get my boxes to store all my snowmen!
I take these guys outside to grungy up their hats since the cinnamon is such a mess. I used #854 Chauncy and attached a 5" candle ring (with greenery/berry/rusty stars) on the bottom and placed a 20 strand tiny rice lights with brown cord. I also made a top hat instead of the fleece cap. Looks really nice lit up in the dark and sell really well at the shows for $18.50!! I plan on making at least 80 or 90 of them for this year.
 Do you want a great source for bulk styrofoam balls? I buy boxes of 1,200 balls at a time! Yes......and I fly threw them in no time too!
Go to and you will find bulk and also packages of 12. These are smoothfoam balls and they are a bit different than styrofoam. They are smooth and much harder. But work perfect for snowmen heads. They are just a bit tougher to poke the hole for the nose. (I use a large sharp doll needle to poke first and then a bamboo skewer to widen the hole). I also add a drop of hot glue to the ball before I cover with the fabric to keep the fabric in place. The fabric sometimes shifts on the smooth surface of the ball, so the glue helps keep it in place.

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