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June 2015

Good news!  You should be able to get your "good" Warm & Natural at your local Joann's store soon!  I have been told that they made the changes to the machines needed to achieve the great quality of Warm & Natural that we were use to years ago.  It may however take some time before it reaches your local store.  I have been communicating with the VP of sales/marketing and she was very greatful that I told her of this issue of the Warm & Natural being THIN and STRETCHY and just not the same quality we are use to, and I am so thankful that they listened to me.  So keep checking your Joann's fabric store.  I can instantly tell the differance in the "good" stuff and the "bad" stuff.  If you aren't sure then only buy a tiny bit and test it.  I can easily poke my finger thru the bad stuff and it stretches a bit too. 

April 2015

Well things are going forward on the "Warm & Natural" issue.  In case you did not know already, I've contacted The Warm Company about the issue of the fabric being alot thinner these days.  I've sent them a sample of what I had from 1 year ago and had them compare it to a sample from a recent purchase.  The sample was within their 10% variance allowance, but there is obviously a noticable differance for those of us who use Warm & Natural to make our snowmen. 

The VP of sales and marketing said they are VERY concerned about the quality and customer service is #1 for them, so they are researching the reason the machines are not producing the same quality product. 

I will let you all know to any progress is this and "hopefully" we will be able to purchase our great quality Warm & Natural again soon!!

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