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I have been crafting since 1988, so this will be my 21st year in business!!!


I now live in a small town in Massachusetts called Dudley. But I grew up and went to school in upstate New York in a town called Liverpool.

I have always loved to create! I remember trying to make a quilt as a young child with bits and pieces of my mom's old clothing and scraps. And I also made some of my own clothes as an early teen. Remember Bell Bottoms and Hot Pants!! Well in the late 60's I found that anything I could make myself and create myself gave me lot's of joy!! Little did I know at that time that sewing and creating would be my future.

Back in 1988 I started just doing small local craft shows and somehow over the years, the crafting has totally taken over my life and house!! My daughter Jaime (of Country Whims) worked along with me since she was about 10 years old making little easy things and selling them at the craft shows. Well she moved out on her own at 18 and before you know it, she started her own craft business selling mini-patterns, and alot of the supplies and fabrics we use. She works hard trying to find the best prices and deals so she can pass the savings on to you!

Jaime's little Angels have their 1st Birthday!!!!
Over the years the crafting businesses have taken on hard times because of all the "Made In China"......AND the economy as I am sure you all are aware of if you do any craft shows. You may have seen some of my designs out there that have been MASS produced in China. There's not alot I can do about that, but what comes around, goes around, and I've seen the quality of those items and they don't compare to what our "American" hands can produce. There is just no comparing!!
My only challenge these days is coming up with the next great pattern. Trying to make it different and something easy and not too expensive to make. And of course, something people will want to buy. I design my patterns and want every one of you out there to have success, so please feel free to sell the finished items at craft shows, your own websites and on E-bay. But please don't take them to China and have them MASS produced!!!


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