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January 2022

So getting ready to start 2022 and purchasing fabrics from Joann's.  The croissant blizzard fleece is no longer the same, the Camel color anti pill fleece was a good substitute seems to be different now.  I suggest anyone trying to purchase fleece to make your snowmen, bring a sample from home of some fleece that you know is the color you like to compare to anything at your local Joann's fabric.  Different lots may come out a shade darker or lighter.  At this point I may go back to dying my own flannel or terry cloth or warm and natural.  ugh 




 May 2021

So the latest I've been told by a representative from Joann Fabrics about the Croissant color Fleece is that it is not expected to be back.  Not sure on the reasoning on this as I told her it's always out of stock in my local store and they sell a lot of it.  Why would you not want to stock a popular color is beyond me.  She did however tell me that she would bring this up to the people in charge of buying and HOPEFULLY they will agree to bring it back.  So any of you that really want to see it come back, just contact customer service online and request it.  I can't do it alone!

November 2020:

So I have talked to a representative from Joann Fabrics about the color difference in the Croissant Blizzard Fleece and was told that they are using a different vendor to make the Fleece.  This is the reason for the big change in color.  I would describe the present color as "burnt croissant".  Although it is still usable for snowmen, and I will probably still use it there is a big change.


They told me that they brought the color issue up with their new vendor and it will be corrected in the next order.  Unfortunately this probably won't be until some time next year once they need to reorder.  Until then just be aware that the issue is hopefully going to be resolved and we will be able to get the nice croissant color we are used to.




June 2018

I have listed a bunch of OLD paper patterns on my "Misc." patterns page marked down to $4.00  These patterns are just taking up room and I'm trying to clean out the old maybe to make room for NEW.  I haven't been able to come up with any new designs and not sure why my brain isn't whipping out the patterns like in the past but maybe getting rid of the old and cleaning out things will help.  About 99% of my pattern sales are for E-patterns anyways and not paper patterns.  Some of these patterns originated back 18 YEARS ago....LOL....time to get rid of them.  


July 2017

Well the year is half over and I really haven't accomplished any new pattern designs.  I've had many requests for a simple hat pattern that I made and sold at my last craft show in November.  If it wasn't for all the requests I wouldn't have put together the pattern, but I'll get the pattern ready and have it on my site soon.  I'm hoping once this pattern gets out the flood gates will open for more new designs.  My brain just hasn't been in the creative mode this year but that can change.  All it takes is a little spark to get the creative juices flowing.  Or a miracle!!  Back to the hats.......I think I made almost 100 of the small hats last year and sold them for $8.95.  Not sure what I will charge for the bigger sized ones yet but love how it came out.  Believe me when I say:  They are so simple to make!!!!

November 2016


Morning Glory Fiberfill VS. Fairfield Brand??????


Well I have decided that I HATE the Morning Glory which is from WalMart!!

I generally use the Fairfield Brand but I know there are alot of people who like the WalMart Morning Glory brand better.  I was just in the middle of making some little snowmen when I ran out of my usual Fairfield stuffing so I grabbed a box of the Morning Glory that I had like forever in the basement.  I finished stuffing my snowmen heads and thought they looked a bit lumpier and weird looking.  I get to the point where I'm poking a hole for the little noses and all the heads that where stuffed with the Walmart Morning Glory brand where like murder to poke using my usual awl poking tool.  I thought my tool was not sharp enough and by the time I got a hole poked, the head looked mutilated.  All the heads stuffed with the Fairfield brand poked so easy and with no problem at all.  So for this reason I would suggest everyone to use the Fairfield brand. 




September 2016


The Croissant color Blizzard Fleece can now be "Special" ordered by calling your local Joann Fabrics with the item #13658430!!!!


Thanks to a special customer of mine, Carrie, who has a friend that works at Joann's and found this out for me!

It will probably be at your local store in a month or so. I was told there was 4,000 yards available in this warehouse. Today I was told it was on sale for $3.05/yard. I will need to wait up to 2 weeks to get it delivered to my local Joann store where I will pick it up (will need to pay for the shipping I'm sure)......but I can't WAIT!!!! I have hundreds of snowmen I need to make!


April 2016


I finally received an answer on the Croissant color Blizzard Fleece!  It is a seasonal fabric and they will be reordering it and it should be back in the stores on 10/02/16!!!!   Wish it could be sooner and in the meantime I will search for another source!


March 2016


I have been trying to find out from customer service at Joann's why there isn't any Croissant color Blizzard fleece to be found at our local stores!  I have contacted customer service and I am not getting any reason as to why they don't have it in the stores.  I will try to talk to someone higher up than customer service in hope they will see that there would be a great demand for this color.  If I don't get anywhere then hopefully Jaime can find another supplier.


If anyone out there knows of a source or supplier of fleece please let me know.  In the meantime, you can alway's use the off-white and coffee or tea stain the snowmen after they are sewn.  Just fill a clean spray bottle with HOT water and add a tablespoon or two of instant coffee.  The croissant color was PERFECT and that's why I am NOT giving up until I find more !!! 


February 2016


I've been struggling the past few months trying to get a few new patterns put together.  The last time I went to my local Joann's Fabric Store I tested out the roll of Warm & Natural Batting and found it to still be the "crap" stuff so I'm not really sure when the good stuff will be in stock.  I decided to find something else to use in the meantime.

I found a Fleece fabric that works really well in either a snowman or bunny.  It's a Blizzard Fleece Croissant color.  If you see the color on the Joann's website you would never buy it because it is nowhere near the real color! 


I designed a new snowman and bunny using this Croissant color and loved it so much because you don't need to age the fabric with coffee or tea stain it or anything!  So I went to order 2 full bolts online the other day and come to find out THEY ARE OUT OF STOCK of that color!  All my local stores are also out of stock on that color!  I called customer service and they told me they are waiting for another shipment of fleece.  It's coming from China, and she told me that it takes a few weeks to come in.  I'm not holding my breath.  You can use the off-white color and coffee stain it, but once you've tried this color you will love it too!

If you are ordering just a few small pieces of the Croissant color they may be able to ship that to you since customer service told me they won't ship me 16 yards (2 bolts) in small 2 yard pieces.  So go ahead and try to order some online if your ordering small amounts!







June 2015


Good news!  You should be able to get your "good" Warm & Natural at your local Joann's store soon!  I have been told that they made the changes to the machines needed to achieve the great quality of Warm & Natural that we were use to years ago.  It may however take some time before it reaches your local store.  I have been communicating with the VP of sales/marketing and she was very greatful that I told her of this issue of the Warm & Natural being THIN and STRETCHY and just not the same quality we are use to, and I am so thankful that they listened to me.  So keep checking your Joann's fabric store.  I can instantly tell the differance in the "good" stuff and the "bad" stuff.  If you aren't sure then only buy a tiny bit and test it.  I can easily poke my finger thru the bad stuff and it stretches a bit too. 


April 2015


Well things are going forward on the "Warm & Natural" issue.  In case you did not know already, I've contacted The Warm Company about the issue of the fabric being alot thinner these days.  I've sent them a sample of what I had from 1 year ago and had them compare it to a sample from a recent purchase.  The sample was within their 10% variance allowance, but there is obviously a noticable differance for those of us who use Warm & Natural to make our snowmen. 


The VP of sales and marketing said they are VERY concerned about the quality and customer service is #1 for them, so they are researching the reason the machines are not producing the same quality product. 


I will let you all know to any progress is this and "hopefully" we will be able to purchase our great quality Warm & Natural again soon!!






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